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  • Anna Olsson


Since our book ”Förändringsledning” was released in August 2019 we have received a lot of positive feedback. Apart from readers appreciating the book, there has also been a request to publish it in English. We have received requests from master programs in the Nordic countries, change practitioners in global Swedish companies and also international contacts in our network that are curious about ”the Swedish way” of driving change.

As a result, we have decided together with our publisher to translate it into English, but also to keep it the way it was written. This means that the cases are Swedish, we describe theories and methods most commonly used in Swedish organizations and practical examples are from our experiences working from a Swedish horizon but often in an international or global context.

Our main drive to write the book in the first place was to integrate academic methods and practical experiences in a book that would work both for students that prepare to start their careers, as well as for practitioners that want to enhance their knowledge. It has been very pleasing to hear that even skilled change practitioners have appreciated the book, and apart from it being last years´ Christmas gift to project leaders and management teams in some organizations, it has also been used for professional training.

The translation has just started and, as we learned last year, the process of publishing a book is a long one - even after the manuscript is ready. We expect the book to be ready for launch after summer, and will keep you updated on the progress.

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